50th Anniversary Celebration

On October 7, 2023 we celebrated the 50th year of the Department since its inception. To recognize that milestone, we hosted a series of events that culminated with a party at the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center on campus.

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An Opportunity to Make an Impact

To celebrate our 50th anniversary in a meaningful way, we need your help in establishing a new, general endowment fund. Thanks to the following students, alumni, parents, faculty and friends who have already contributed, we have raised over $100,000 to match a lead gift by William "Bill" Smith, BS ‘81 for the establishment of the William Smith Endowed Program Support Fund in Geology - in celebration of the Department’s 50th Anniversary. We continue to raise funds as part of this effort. If you feel that the Department has helped shape your career and improved the quality of your life, please consider giving back by donating to this fund. Thank you!

  • Guillermo M. Accame
  • Michael and Jennifer Brown
  • Kang Chen
  • James Farquhar
  • Chao Gao
  • Robert M. Glazier
  • Dave Grogan
  • Katherine Davis and Andrew Hartten
  • Yu Huang
  • Su Li
  • Jingao Liu
  • Xiaoming Liu
  • Irene Lukoff
  • Katherine and Phil Manger
  • Paul C. and Laura Miller
  • Phil and Anne Piccoli
  • Ming Tang
  • Fangzhen Teng and Jianying Wang
  • Jon Varndell
  • Richard Walker and Mary Horan
  • Marshall Woodworth
  • Anonymous Donors


Friday October 6th

1:00 pm

Geology Senior Thesis Mid-Semester Oral Presentations
Location: 0220 JMZ (Jimenez Hall)

Saturday October 7th

9:00 am - 11:30 am

Field Trip: "Changes in the Hydrology, Morphology, and Water Quality of Campus Creek"
Meeting Point: In Front of the Geology Building

11:30 am - 2:00 pm

Explore Downtown College Park for Lunch

2:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Laboratory and Museum Tours
Locations: Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Atlantic buildings, and Energy Research Facility

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Welcome Reception
Location: Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Attire: Business Casual
Location: Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center


We gratefully acknowledge contributions by the Department of Geology, the College of Computer, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University Relations and an anonymous donor to make this celebration possible.

Attendee List (as of October 4, 2023)

Founding Faculty

Peter Stifel (guest: A. Hughlett Kirby ('77))
Ann Wylie

Current/Emeritus Faculty/Staff

Ricardo Arevalo ('10) (guest: Chelsea Arevalo)
Michael Brown
Tracey Centorbi ('03) (guest: Michael Centorbi)
Michael Evans (guest: Susan Allen)
James Farquhar
John Fourkas
Tian Gan
Mojhgan Haghnegahdar
Steve Halperin (guest: Janet Halperin)
Jan Hellman (guest: Lena Hellmann)
George Helz (guest: Rosalind Helz)
Thomas Holtz (guest: Suzanne Shambaugh)
Mong-Han Huang
Todd Karwoski
Alan Kaufman
Sujay Kaushal
Daniel Lathrop
Irene Lukoff
Betty Suzanne Martin (guest: Jerry Martin)
William McDonough
Evan McMullen ('13)
John Merck (guest: Betty Siegel)
Michelle Montero (guest: Raymond Montero)
Megan Newcombe
Sarah Penniston-Dorland
Philip Piccoli ('92) (guest: Anne Piccoli)
Karen Prestegaard
Igor Puchtel
Soumya Ray
Nicholas Schmerr (guest: Amy McAdam)
Miriam Sharp ('14) (guest: Nicholas Sharp ('14))
Jessica Sunshine (guest: Jeremy Selengut)
Richard Walker (guest: Mary Horan)
Jingchuan Wang
Mengqiang Zhu

Current Students

Kiran Almas
Lucas Andrews
James Bader (guest: John Kullman)
Kathryn Bickerstaff
Casey Braccia (guest: Griffin Dinn)
Emily Chiappe
Donovan Cunion (guest: Olivia Dijulio)
Ashley Dann
Sumedha Desikamani
Andrew Doerrler
Katie Gansler
Jacob Giles (guest: Allison Garrison)
Brenna Henderson
Christiana Hoff
Elaine Jaross
Shannan Jones (guest: Ian Mangum)
Aisha Khatib
Kyle Kim
Alex Lastner
Satoshi Matsuno
Heidi Myers (guest: Eliot Ostling)
Hannah Nechin
Karla Nunez (guest: Isaac Feldman)
Catherine Ondrusek
Matt Pedersen
Megan Perry (guest: Morgan Emanuele)
Liam Peterson (guest: Sarah Dec)
Madeline Raith (guest: James Boggs)
Nick Salanitri
Sourabh Shubham
Alli Stavely
Kathleen Stepien
Jiayang Sun
Zach Vig (guest: Cassie Vig)
Lori Willhite
Sophia Zipparo


Sherry (Clarke) Mitchell (guest: Donald Mitchell)
Beile Aisin ('20)
William Becker ('19)
Douglas Bell ('87) (guest: Melanie Bell)
Ben Belzer ('16)
David Berry ('94) (guest: Andrea Berry)
Abigail Brodsky ('21)
Jerry Burgess ('94)
Anthony Creamer ('85) (guest: Elizabeth Creamer ('82))
Nicholas Culbreth ('20)
Dr. Katherine Davis ('86)
Patrick Deery ('17)
Amina DeHarde ('01)
Tom Doody ('17)
Sarah Dudley
Nick Emm ('20)
Ben Farcy ('21) (guest: Clare Farcy)
Margaret (Sorensen) Fleming ('78) (guest: Stephen Fleming)
Amitava Gangopadhyay (guest: Amiti Gangopadhyay)
Nick Geboy ('06)
Bob Glazier ('81) (guest: Natalia Glazier)
Eugenia (Leone) Gold ('08) (guest: Navani Gold)
Justine Grabiec ('17)
Dave Grogan ('81) (guest: Denise Grogan)
Erik Hankin ('09)
Andrew Hartten ('86)
Ed Jacobsen ('82)
Kate (Burgy) Jacques
Stephanie Johnston
Gus Kingman ('10)
Xiao-Ming Liu ('13)
Katherine (Chang) Manger ('79) (guest: Phillip Manger ('79))
Jackie Mann ('05)
Adam Mansur ('08)
Keith Mason ('83)
Andrew Masterson ('06) (guest: Julia Masterson)
Michael Mengason (guest: Suzanne Goucher)
Kevin Miller ('15)
Rita Monahan ('72)
Robert Najewicz ('79)
Sharon O'Donnell ('82) (guest: Douglas Cohn ('82))
Sean Patrick ('90)
Elizabeth Peters (guest: James Weaver)
Rachel Pressley Kirkman ('97)
Jenna Reimer ('19)
Laura Sammon (guest: Michael Keen)
Dan Sandhaus ('78)
James Schmidt ('79) (guest: Laura Schmidt)
Barry Shay (guest: Janet Wolk)
Daniel Silberstein ('19)
Adam Simon ('05) (guest: Alicia Simon ('95))
William Smith ('81) (guest: Michel Journea)
Gary Solar ('99)
Sarah (Libeau) Stoneking ('97)
Mark Symborski ('88)
Haley Talbot-Wendlandt
Fangzhen Teng ('05)
Jinmei Tian ('00)
Paul Tomascak ('95)
Mark Tyra ('03)
Timothy Ungrady ('77) (guest: Catherine Pleskunas)
Diana Van Elburg-Obler ('87) (guest: Herman Van Elburg)
Jesse Wimert ('11)
Mark Wong ('17)
Marshall Woodworth ('81) (guest: Lynne Woodworth)
Alexis Yaculak ('21) (guest: Philemon Kendzierski ('20))
Marc Yalom ('82) (guest: Susan Yalom)
Raymond Yang ('92)
Christine Young ('13) (guest: Paul Young)
Iadviga Zhelezinskaya (guests: Harneet Virk, Miss Virk)

Other Friends of the Department

Margaret Carruthers

Additional Information

For additional information, email geo-aluminfo@umd.edu