Nicholas C. Schmerr

Ph.D. Arizona State University, 2008

Nicholas C. Schmerr
Assistant Professor
GEOL 3115
(301) 405-4385
(301) 314-9661
Research Lab

Research Interests

Solid earth geophysics, planetary seismology, field and array seismology, seismic instrumentation, planetary geology, cryospheric processes, numerical modeling of elastic wave propagation, geodynamics, mineral and rock physics (including numerical modeling of melt and ices), the structure, evolution, and dynamics of the crusts, mantles, and cores of terrestrial objects.

My primary research focus lies in deciphering the formation, dynamics, and evolution of planetary surfaces and interiors using the remote sensing tools of seismology. I am extremely interested in how the physical and chemical properties of rocks, ices, and minerals are related to the evolution and dynamics of planetary interiors. My research projects span the Solar System, with current studies investigating seismic problems on Earth, the Moon, Venus, Mars, asteroids, Jupiter's satellites Europa and Io, and Saturn's satellites Enceladus and Titan.