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Igor S. Puchtel

Research Scientist

Ph.D. Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow 1992


CHM 0220
Chemistry Building
8051 Regents Drive
College Park, MD 20742

Phone: (301) 405-4054

Fax: (301) 405-3597

ipuchtel [at] umd [dot] edu



Research Interests

My research interests center around chemical and thermal evolution of deep Earth and terrestrial planets. I study radiogenic isotope systems, including Sm-Nd, Re-Os, Pt-Os, Lu-Hf, and Hf-W, and lithophile and highly siderophile element abundances in various types of terrestrial and extraterrestrial materials using thermal ionization mass-spectrometry (TIMS) and inductively coupled plasma mass-spectrometry (ICP-MS).