Pritwiraj Moulik

Ph.D. Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, 2016

Pritwiraj  Moulik
Post-Doctoral Associate
GEOL 1113
(301) 314-0954
(301) 314-9661
Research Lab
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Research Interests

Raj works on planetary-scale geophysical problems using new techniques that reconcile and fit concurrently a wide variety of seismological observations. Recent work includes evaluating the extent of radial anisotropy with implications for large-scale mantle flow, detecting seismological signatures of chemical heterogeneity from scaling relationships between the elastic parameters and density, as well as radial models that represent accurately the Earth’s spherical average. At Maryland, he is working with Professors Lekic, Romanowicz (Berkeley) and Dziewonski (Harvard) to construct a 3-D Reference Earth Model with broad community input and oversight.