Meng Guo

Meng  Guo
Graduate Student
CHEM 1225B
(301) 405-3597
Research Lab

Research Interests

My research interest is to measure Earth’s geo-neutrino flux and to better understand the engine drives Earth. Geo-neutrino is a type of antineutrino emits from the heat producing element’s decay chain through the process of Beta minus decay. It is a ghost-like particle and can only interact through weak force interaction. Currently, there are three antineutrino detectors in operation, which are KamLAND (Japan), Borexino (Italy) and SNO+ (Canada). By the year 2025, another two detectors will come online, which are JUNo (China, Sichuan) and Jinping (China, Zhuhai), and we are expecting to better predict Earth’s geo-neutrino flux with the combination of the five detectors.

In order to better calculate geo-neutrino flux, we need comprehensive information about heat producing element abundance and Earth’s crust thickness. I would like to study side by side with geologists, physicists and chemists, and give this emerging scientific field my best work.