Benjamin Farcy

Benjamin  Farcy
Graduate Student
CHEM 1217B
(301) 405-3597
Research Lab

Research Interests

My research is focused on understanding the distribution of heat-producing elements (U, K, Th) throughout the terrestrial planets in the solar system, including the Earth and Moon. The amount of radiogenic heat produced by these elements controls the thermal and physical structure of the interior of a planet, so an accurate estimate of the abundances of these elements is necessary for planetary mantle heat flux models. In addition, because K is a volatile element and U and Th are refractory, the relative abundances of these three elements lend insight into the bulk composition of the planets based on elemental volatility trends.

Prior to joining the department at UMD, I worked at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center developing mass spectrometry techniques for planetary surfaces. I plan to continue this work at UMD, and to help develop a new method of in-situ trace element mass spectrometry analyses for planetary flight missions.