Raghu Murtugudde

Ph.D. Columbia University, 1994

Raghu  Murtugudde
Affiliate Professor
M Square 3012
(301) 314-2622
Research Lab

Research Interests

As an Earth System Scientist, I study the interactions between the physical world and life and train Earth System doctors for taking the pulse of the planet, diagnose what ails the planet and prescribe cures and preventive measures. Observations of nature and life are combined with computer models to understand the functioning of the Earth System and to predict trajectories of its future evolution. These predictions include global and regional climate and its impacts in the coming days to decades on Earth System components such as terrestrial and marine biospheres, air quality, pathogens in the air and in water . The scenarios are then provided as interactive decision-support information to stakeholders ranging from resource managers, health workers, and policy makers to the general public. The ultimate goal is to continuously monitor the functioning of the Earth System and sustainably navigate its future evolution with designer Earth System forecasts.