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Doyeon Kim

Visiting Assistant Professor


dk696 [at] cornell [dot] edu


Research Interests

My scientific interest is to improve our understanding of processes within the interior of the Earth that involve interactions between materials, from groundwater aquifers and crustal magmatic systems at shallow depths, subducting slabs at intermediate depths, to ultra-low velocity zones in the Core-Mantle Boundary region. As a seismologist, this entails using seismic waves to map and track interactions between materials that form our planet. My efforts as an Earth scientist therefore focus on developing and implementing new ways of extracting information from geophysical data (via machine learning) to develop quantitative multi-scale models, initially focusing on aquifer systems and plume generation at the core mantle boundary. As a collaborator on the InSight Mission to Mars, I am also actively involved in planetary research, focusing on characterizing the interior structure of the Mars by leveraging techniques developed for studying Earth structures.