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James W. Dottin, III

Visiting Post-Doctoral Associate

Ph.D. University of Maryland, 2020


CHM 0206A
Chemistry Building
8051 Regents Drive
College Park, MD 20742

Fax: (301) 405-3597

jdottin [at] umd [dot] edu



Research Interests

My research focuses on measuring and evaluating the causes of sulfur isotope variations in Ocean Island Basalts (OIBs), Martian meteorites, Pallasite meteorites, lunar basalts, and lunar soils. The overall goal of my research is to understand how sulfur is processed on various solar system bodies in high temperature environments and to reconcile the isotope variations among the various planetary bodies. Measurements are made using a variety of chemical techniques to extract sulfur and gas-source mass spectrometry in the laboratory of Dr. James Farquhar. My plans for the immediate future include research on mineral separates and bulk rock material from OIBs with varying mantle endmember compositions. The research seeks to trace processes involved in deep mantle evolution and also to further our understanding of recently discovered global anomalies.