Registration Actions That Require College Approval

Certain registration actions (listed below) require that the student obtain approval from their college office prior to registering for the course. All college offices have access to the Electronic Stamp and can enter special permission approvals directly into the registration system. So, in most cases students can still use Testudo to register. Students should request these permissions well in advance of their registration appointment. Obtaining approvals does not mean you are in the course. You must still register for the course after obtaining any special permissions.

  • Maximum Credit Limit: Undergraduate students are generally limited to registering for 17 credits until the first day of classes. Requests to register for over 16 credits before the first day of classes require special permission from the CMNS dean's office.
  • CORE Restrictions: Students with over 90 cumulative credits are restricted to registering for only one CORE course until the first day of classes. Check the General Education Requirements and codes available with course listings to determine the CORE status of a course. Any exceptions require college approval.
  • Graduate Level Courses: Undergraduates interested in registering for graduate level courses (those numbered 500 and above) require college approval. You should first consult with your advisor, who will act as your intermediary with the CMNS dean's office
  • Time Conflicts: Time conflicts are not permitted. All exceptions require college approval. Consult with your advisor to explore possible resolutions.
  • Re-registering for the same course: Students are limited to the number of times they can register for a course. NO MORE THAN TWO REGISTRATIONS are permitted for any one course. Each time a course is dropped with a mark of "W" permission from the Dean's Office. In most cases, requests for Dean's exceptions to policy to exceed registration limits must be made by the beginning of classes during the semester in which it is to be taken.
  • Permission to transfer credit from another institution must be given by the Assistant Dean of CMNS. Some notes and requirements:
    • To receive credit for courses completed outside of UMD, students must obtain permission to enroll at another institution prior to enrolling in the desired course. This includes GEOL490: Geologic Field Camp. All campuses outside of UMD, including University College and other University of Maryland System branches, are considered other institutions. You can get the "Permission to Enroll at Another Institution" form the Geology Undergraduate Director or from the CMNS office (2300 Symons Hall).
    • Students must take all of their major and supporting area (including MATH) courses at UMD.
    • All repeated courses must be taken at UMD. Students who have had difficulty in a course sequence are unlikely to get permission to take any course in the sequence off campus.
    • The last 30 credits must be taken at UMD (not including GEOL490: Geologic Field Camp).
    • If the student has a full time job that prevents him/her from completing a course at UMD, they must submit the proper documentation.
    • Check for a transfer equivalency before requesting Permission to Enroll. This can be done on-line at the Transfer Credit Center web page

UMD guide to information, policies and procedures related to academic affairs

The Dean's office of the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences is in 3400 A.V. Williams.