Laurent G. J. Montesi

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002

Laurent G. J. Montesi
Associate Professor
CHEM 1221B
(301) 405-7534
(301) 405-3024 (CSS 3254)
(301) 405-3597
Research Lab

Research Interests

My research focuses principally on understanding the patterns of deformation that we see at the surface of the planets of the solar system. I focus mainly on the formation of mountain belts, but rifting is fine too. I am interested in structures found on Earth, Mars, Venus, and the satellites of Jupiter, Ganymede and Europa.

More specifically, I study how these patterns are influenced by the formation of faults, by the localization of deformation on narrow shear zones. I have developed a model that produces regularly-spaced faults in the lithosphere of terrestrial planets and applied to different environments.