Ernie Bell

Ernie  Bell
Graduate Student
GEOL 4105
(301) 314-9661
Research Lab
Planetary Geophysics
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Research Interests

My research involves the application of geophysical field techniques and tools to planetary exploration through the study of planetary analogs on Earth from both geologic and operational perspectives. The aim is to better understand geologic problems on other planetary bodies while simultaneously addressing the operational needs for performing field geology/geophysics in locations such as the Moon, Mars, or icy bodies in the solar system. Currently my research focuses on volcanic fields and features, primarily in the San Francisco Volcanic Field with application to the Marius Hills and Taurus Littrow Valley areas on the Moon. Prior to joining UMD, I worked at the NASA Johnson Space Center as an Extravehicular Activities (EVA) flight control officer working in Mission Control and training astronauts.