Field Camp Grants

These grants, awarded on the basis of financial need and academic performance, will be used to offset the cost of attending field camp.


The grants will be awarded primarily on the basis of financial need. However, only students in good academic standing will be eligible to receive a grant. Good academic standing requires a grade of C-, or better, in the required geology courses, and a C- average, or better, in the supporting courses. Financial need will normally be determined on the basis of current financial aid to the students (e.g., Pell Grants) and from other information provided by the undergraduate advisor and other faculty. Academic merit, as a secondary criterion may be used, at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee, in recommending the award of these grants.


Students will be informed of the existence of these grants by the Director, Undergraduate Studies, who will send an email to all juniors and seniors in February each year. The email will ask students to notify the Director, Undergraduate Studies if they intend to enroll in field camp for the following summer. Once the Director, Undergraduate Studies has a tally of field-camp bound students, s/he will check their academic standing and tabulate available data on their financial aid packages. The Scholarship Committee will meet to review these data and make award recommendations based on the information provided by the Director, Undergraduate Studies and the amount of funds available. Students selected for field camp grants will be notified of the award and provided a check as soon as possible after submission of a receipt from an accredited field camp.


The amount of the grants will vary depending on the availability of funds and the anticipated expenses of the successful applicants. It is anticipated that at least one award will be made each year.