GEOL 104 Dinosaurs: A Natural History

Fall Semester 2013

Sept. 4 Introduction; What are Dinosaurs?

Sept. 6 What is Science? The Meaning of Fossils

Sept. 9 The History of Prehistory; the Great Exposition through Great Expeditions

Sept. 11 Basics of Geology: Every Rock is a Record of the Environment in Which It Formed

Sept. 13 Fossils and Fossilization

Sept. 16 Deep Time I: Ruins of an Older World

Sept. 18 Deep Time II: Plate Tectonics and the Earth Engine

Sept. 20 The Living Earth: Ecology

---SEPT. 23-27: Online Test 1---

Sept. 23 Our Bodies, Our Selves: Introduction to Vertebrate Osteology

Sept. 25 Taxonomy and Species

Sept. 27 Evolution I: Descent with Modification
Smithsonian Assignment available

Sept. 30 Evolution II: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection

Oct. 2 Evolution III: Patterns and Processes

Oct. 4 Systematics I: The Tree of Life

Oct. 7 Systematics II: Cladistics

Oct. 9 The Colonization of Land

Oct. 11 Life on Land before the Dinosaurs

---OCT. 14-18: Online Test 2---

Oct. 14 The Rise of the Dinosaurs

Oct. 16 Thyreophora: Defense! Defense! Defense!

Oct. 18 Ornithopoda: Beaks, bills & crests

Oct. 21 Marginocephalia: That's using your head!

Oct. 23 Sauropodomorpha I: Dawn of the Thunder

Oct. 25 Sauropodomorpha II: Neosauropoda: Size Matters and Theropoda I: Basal Theropods

Oct. 28 Theropoda II: Dinosaurs Red in Tooth and Claw

Oct. 30 WATCH ON ELMS Theropoda III, Coelurosauria: Tyrant Kings and Lesser Royals

Nov. 1 WATCH ON ELMS Theropoda IV, Maniraptora: The Feathered Dinosaurs

Nov. 4 Theropoda V: Rise of Birds

Nov. 6 Dinosaurs Take Flight!

Nov. 8 The Worlds of Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Paleoecology
Smithsonian Assignment is DUE!

---Nov. 11-15: Online Test 3---

Nov. 11 Dinosaur Olympics: Locomotion and Dinosaurs in the World of Physics

Nov. 13 Walking with Dinosaurs: Trace Fossil Analysis

Nov. 15 Through the Eyes of a Dinosaur: Dinosaur Senses

Nov. 18 Tyrannosaurus Sex: Dinosaur Social Behavior

Nov. 20 Bringing Up Baby: Dinosaur Families and Growth

Nov. 22 The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs

Nov. 25 Heart Beats & Deep Breaths

Nov. 27 So You Want To Be An Endotherm?

Nov. 28-29 Thanksgiving Recess: enjoy your roasted maniraptoran

---Dec. 2-6: Online Test 4---

Dec. 2 Dinosaur Physiology roundup
Reading: Chap. 12

Dec. 4 Dragons of the Sea and Air: Marine Reptiles and Pterosaurs

Dec. 6 In the Shadow of the Dinosaurs: Mesozoic Mammals & Plants

Dec. 9 The Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction I: All Good Things...

Dec. 11 The Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction II: One REALLY Bad Day!

Dec. 13 The Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction III: End of an Era

Dec. 21 (SATURDAY!!) FINAL EXAM, PLS 1130, 8:00-10:00 am

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