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Aug. 29 Introduction: Why Study Fossils?
Reading: Chap. 1

Aug. 31 Taphonomy I: Properties and Habitats of Good Fossil Makers
Suppl. Online Reading: Knoll 2003

Sept. 1 LAB: Fossilization and Taphonomy

Sept. 2 Taphonomy II: Fossils as Sedimentary Particles & Taphonomic Filters
Reading: Chap. 1


Sept. 7 Taphonomy III: Modes of Fossilization & Lagerstätten
Reading: Chap. 3

Sept. 8 LAB: Micropaleontology

Sept. 9 Biostratigraphy I
Reading: Chap. 10

Sept. 12 Biostratigraphy II
Reading: Chap. 10
PaleoDB Homework Due

Sept. 14 Trace Fossils I
Reading: Chap. 19

Sept. 15 LAB: Sponges and Cnidaria

Sept. 16 Trace Fossils II
Reading: Chap. 19

Sept. 19 Variation and Fossil Individuals
Reading: Chap. 2
Biostratigraphy Homework Due

Sept. 21 Fossil Species and Species Criteria
Reading: Chap. 3

Sept. 22 LAB: Bryozoans

Sept. 23 Alpha Taxonomy & Identifying Fossils
Reading: Prothero Chap. 4

Sept. 26 Macroevolution and the Fossil Record
Reading: Prothero Chap. 5
Alpha Taxonomy Homework Due

Sept. 28 Cladistics I: Phylogenetic Systematics
Online Reading: Cladistics for Palaeontologists from the Paleontological Association: Introduction, Cladistic Characters, Tree-Building, Optimization

Sept. 29 LAB: Brachiopods

Sept. 30 Cladistics II: Phylogenetic Inferences
Reading: Prothero Chap. 4
Online Reading: Cladistics for Palaeontologists from the Paleontological Association: Consensus & Support, Missing Information and Stratigraphy

Oct. 3 Exam I

Oct. 5 The Oldest Fossils & Prokaryote Fossil History
Reading: Chap. 11

Oct. 6 LAB: Gastropods and Cephalopods

Oct. 7 Fossil Unicellular Eukaryotes
Reading: Chap. 12

Oct. 10 Metazoa and Porifera
Reading: Prothero Chap. 13
Phylogenetic Analysis Homework due

Oct. 12 Eumetazoa and Cnidaria
Reading: Chap. 13

Oct. 13 LAB: Bivalves

Oct. 14 The Origin of Bilateria

Oct. 17 Precambrian Macrofossils: the Garden of Ediacara and the Long Fuse of the Cambrian Explosion

Oct. 19 Ecdysozoa I: Panarthropoda
Reading: Chap. 15

Oct. 20 LAB: Arthropoda

Oct. 21 Ecdysozoa II: Chelicerata and Introduction to Mandibulata
Reading: Chap. 15

Oct. 24 Ecdysozoa III: Myriopoda and Pancrustacea
Reading: Chap. 15

Oct. 26 WATCH ONLINE ON ELMS: Animals with Lophophores: Bryozoans, Brachiopods
Reading: Chap. 14


Oct. 28 WATCH ONLINE ON ELMS: Mollusks I: Basal Forms through Gastropods
Reading: Chap. 16

Oct. 31 Mollusks II: Cephalopods & Bivalves
Reading: Chap. 16
Phylogenetic Inferences Homework Due

Nov. 2 Exam II

Nov. 3 LAB: Stalked Echinoderms

Nov. 4 Deuterostomia I: Origins and Ambulacraria
Reading: Chap. 17

Nov. 7 Deuterostomia II: Crown-Group Echinoderms
Reading: Chap. 17

Nov. 9 Origins and Diversification of Chordata
Reading: Chap. 18

Nov. 10 LAB: Eleutherozoa, Hemichordata, and Graptolithina

Nov. 11 Vertebrate Paleontology I: Paleoichthyology
Reading: Chap. 18

Nov. 14 Vertebrate Paleontology II: Tetrapoda
Reading: Chap. 18
Paleoecology Homework Due

Nov. 16 Paleobotany I: Embryophyta - land plants
Reading: Chap. 20

Nov. 17 LAB: Vertebrate Paleontology

Nov. 18 Paleobotany II: Anthophyta - flowering plants
Reading: Chap. 20

Nov. 21 Biomechanics and functional anatomy
Reading: Prothero Chap. 7

Nov. 23-25 Thanksgiving Recess: enjoy your roasted dinosaur

Nov. 28 Morphometrics

Nov. 30 Paleoecology, the Fundamental Niche, and Extinction
Reading: Chaps. 6, 8
Paleobehavior Homework Due

Dec. 1 LAB 11: Paleobotany

Dec. 2 Paleoenvironmental Analysis & Biochemical Paleontology

Dec. 5 Extinctions and Mass Extinctions

Dec. 7 Macroecological Patterns: Large-Scale Phenomena of the Fossil Record

Dec. 8 LAB Practical

Dec. 9 Chemical Paleontology

Dec. 12 The future of paleontology

Dec. 15 (Thursday!) FINAL EXAM, PLS 1172, 1:30-3:30 pm

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